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Are you that person who doesn’t take their medications as prescribed?  If so, you’re not the only one.  However, medication noncompliance is unhealthy and can become costly.  It is estimated non-adherence causes:

  • 30%-50% of treatment failures and 125,000 deaths annually. 
  • Increased mortality risk by 12%-25% for statins
  • Increased hospitalization risks for cardioprotective medication by 10%-40% and mortality by 50%-80%

Furthermore, it is estimated non-adherent patients will spend an additional $2000 in physician visits annually.  There are more statistics we could discuss on medication non-adherence; however, we want to know why and how we can help.

There are many reasons to why you may not be compliant with your medications.  Are you confused on how you should you take it, is it the cost of the medication, do you have side effects, do you have difficulties getting to the pharmacy, do you simply forget, etc?  Whatever the reason maybe we can assist you!  Here are some tips and tricks to staying compliant with your meds:

  • Request to enroll in the pharmacy’s medication adherence program.  Our pharmacy can synchronize all your prescriptions to be filled on the same day every month, minimizing your pharmacy trips.  Furthermore, we can sink all your family’s medications to a single pick-up date.
  • Take it along with other daily events, like brushing your teeth or with your morning coffee.  Example: put your medication bottle next to your favorite coffee cup or coffee pot.
  • Use special pill boxes that help you keep track, like the ones divided into sections for each day of the week 
  • Set an alarm on your phone; customize the setting on your alarm for repeat.
  • Keep a "medicine calendar" near your medicine and make a note every time you take your dose.
  • Talk to your pharmacist and identify if there is a generic substitute that may be cheaper
  • Utilize free delivery if you have transportation issues
  • Discuss any negative side effects with your pharmacist; there may be a substitute available that doesn’t affect you the same way.
  • Most importantly, understand your medication.  Know what it is for, how and when you should be taking it. 

Contact us with any questions you may have about medication adherence and how we can assist you! 

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New Pharmacy Services

We have finally made it through our new computer software installation and whoa was it a challenge for us and we know for you as well.  First, we'd like to thank you all for your continued patience as we have been familiarizing ourselves with our new system. Second, we'd like to get the word out about some services we are excited to offer now, and we hope you enjoy the convenience and simplicity of these new services too!

We now offer ONLINE REFILLS!  Create your online profile by clicking over to the prescription refill link.  Refill your prescriptions, check the status of your prescription refills, view and edit your patient profile any day or night!  After you've setup your profile, request that you receive a text message or phone call when your prescription is ready for pickup. Now, you are able to refill your prescriptions quickly and know exactly when those prescriptions are ready for pickup without any additional phone calls. 

COMING SOON... prescription refills via a free mobile app!  In the next 60 days we will announce the launch of our new mobile app.  This will allow for you to submit refills and view your profile quickly on your mobile phone! 

Also, click over to Our Program page and click on MedEasy!  This is a new program we are offer, allowing us to automatically refills your prescriptions and synch your medications to be filled on the same day every month!   If you're interested in participating in our MedEasy Program, let us know! 

We are also looking for some pharmacy testimonies for our new website.  If you would like to leave us a testimony, you can email it to 

We are excited about these new services and hope you enjoy them too.  Let us know what you think about the online portal and text message notifications on our Facebook page


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